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☆☆☆陰と陽☆☆☆'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Yui- Umbrella [21 Sep 2008|12:38pm]

Hello anyone still reading this journal. I'm now on my study year abroad at Waseda University. I still consider myself a novice at Japanese but I have translated Shige Naoya's hairo no tsuki and several pieces of classical Japanese so I now feel confident enough to attempt to translate Japanese pop songs on the internet! :P oh yay!

I'm into Yui lately. This song is sweet.

yui- umbrellaCollapse )

[07 Jan 2008|10:19pm]

I really want to translate something other than song lyrics. It would prob be good practice for my translation exam. I want to do something easy, short-ish, and something that hasn't been done before (and something to do with johnny's entertainment)

ideas? eh...

hmm hmm. everything's been done. I'm a bit out of the JE loop lately.

hmmm, what shall i do?

I was thinking of doing the rest of the quotes from arashi goto. I did one or two of them before with Risa's help (in this journal)


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